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First Critique ever for me so sorry if it bad... Vision: don't know what that is so 4.5 star becuse it's nice to look at. Originality: ...

Miiverse and My Top 10 Smash picks

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2015, 10:50 AM

First off, I been putting this off for a while but I do have a miiverse, user name is same as here but it is unlike I will post any drawing to it, I just that bad at drawing  on a wiiU gamepad, though If there I ever make something worthwhile I will post it here (you'll know what a worthwhile on looks like)…

Second and the main reason for this journal is my top 10 picks for Smash. Had to get it up before the polls closed in October. Is list has nobody on it is has been a fighter in the past or is an Assist trophy (that would be cheating).  Also I only voted for the top two on this list for the poll.


10. Shantae: I highly doubt it would happen because she American and a Indie game but she would fit well in the game. I think that her Indie makers would jump for that chance (I think they are calling themselves indie for Tax purposes) Plus since she been getting a lot of games for Nintendo E-shop it not like saying no is a good idea.

9. Blaze the Cat: Easier to get because this is sonic second time in smash, I hear people want Tails or Knuckles but I think her Fire powers would make her stand out more form sonic then those two.

8. Inklings: It would be good to support the new guys, but I don’t really see there being a whole lot of physical moves for them. But they could be like the Villager and have multiple skins.

7. Sirica: So what she is form the Kirby anime? Have you seen that weapon of hers? It a sword/ machine gun / rocket launcher,  that would make for some fun gameplay. Plus with more Kirby games putting references to the anime it not that crazy. Also even though he was in Mass Attack, Escargoon is not the best fit for smash:XD:

6. Daisy: She need more love, I sure there enough Sports and Party games that a move set can be scraped together for her… Right^^;

5. Lana: be nice to see someone form Zelda who was not the hero, the Princess or Ganondorf. If they can make Link work as a 2D platformer, a top-down, a 3D game, a Fighting game that not Smash,  Smash and a beatem up, then this blue hair book and spear user can make it into Smash.

4.  Krystal: Her staff would let her play completely different than Fox and Falco. Plus she has enough outfits in the games that she would not need any color swaps:XD:

3.  Geno: He been wanted for this game since brawl and yeah be cool to see his RPG moves configured for Smash

2. Sceptile: We got the Fire and Water starters, let’s finish the Trinity with a Grass Starter. I would love him to have the moves my Sceptile has, Leaf Blade (Up B), Dragon Pulse (B), Giga Drain (Down B) and False Swipe (Side B). Plus it can stick to walls:D

1. Bandana Waddle Dee: I am sad that Dedede does not uses Waddle Dees anymore, but this on Waddle Dee stand out from the others. If they made him playable for Return to Dreamland then surely it not a big deal to put him into smash. Sakurai I know you don’t what to over representing Kirby in Smash (those it has not stop you from over representing Pit), but it would just work so well:D

Well back to making art and stuff:XD:

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